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OMG! - Super Den-O Rant!

Taken from my personal blog, where most of my rants go to:

Seriously, I think that person is certainly a sexist when it comes to women's roles in Den-O. Who else thinks the same way as I do?

(If you don't like what I'm saying, then don't bother comment on how you hate me, as well as Hana. Japanese young girls and women need good role models in Den-O, besides Pretty Cure 5...)

OMG! Climax Jump - Stepmania Style!

Yes, it is true! Climax Jump really exists as a Stepmania game and thanks to the guy that I know over at the HJU forums (thanks sekiria21  mate), you can add the Den-O opening to your Stepmania collection...if you know and play DDR, that is...

And if you're new to the Stepmania world...

You can read the history here on its official website, PLUS you can download the actual game itself. For Stepmania customisation and where to look for songs, look elsewhere, you're on your own on that.

And if you want to play and dance like Ryutaros on the DDR version of Climax Jump...

You can download the song from sekiria21's entry, via the link. The only problems are that he didn't add the banner and the background.

But don't worry, I asked him if I can make a banner, especially for the Stepmania version of DDR and he said yes. However, the background's from 101fwy as I made all of my effort, making the banner look like it's for DDR as possible and thus, I wasn't able to produce the background (that or I'm absolutely lazy as I wasted my time on doing the banner effort). But before I post the those two, I'm posting the screenshots!


And as promised, the next cut would lead to the banner and the background section, but also a helpful instruction, in case you have either forgotten how to put the banner and backgound in Stepmania or you're new to this scene, after installing Stepmania into your laptop/computer.


Now, if someone would kindly put it in either the Kamen Rider Lj community or the Climax Jump community, that would be great. For some odd reason, I can't access to their sites and talk about this!

OMG! Quick Fanart Entry!

And this time...it's Den-O again! God, how many times has it been Den-O already in this journal? Well, here you go...


Fun Fact: This was done during Vietnamese Mass and let me warn you, the music, not the language, is completely cheesy with all this 70s music crap. And worse, the Mass itself lasts for more than an hour and this would put you right of bed. Literally.

OMG! Icon Entry #5- Den-O Misc Icons!

Eurgh...got writer's block disease (I'm trying to finish my Den-O summer fanart. >_< I think I'm going to skip Fake Friends, Airi and Owner). Maybe I should have watch jackks's Final Fantasy skit videoes to find my inpsiration on getting good comedy and jokes. Eurgh, I think I'm going to need...

And yep, you can now add the famous DenCoffee, DenPudding and DenRice (as well as chibi Plat Form) to your icon collection on your journal/blog/whatever it is you've got!

Right, time to finish my Den-O summer fanart!

OMG! Icon Entry #4 - Ryutaros!

Wow! Three entries on three consecutive days?! That must have been a new record! Well, anyway, fangirls' (and some fanboys') favourite dancing Dragon Imagin, Ryutaros and the icons are now available to either put in your journal/blog/whatever it is into your collection or just decorate to make it special. And REMEMBER TO CREDIT ME OF WHERE YOU FOUND THOSE ICONS!

He can't hear you if you don't click this!Collapse )
And if you still don't believe me that Sho Lover = Sho-saka on who wrote Hana in Wonderland, then click on my FF.Net Account and prepared to be surprised!

OMG! One-Shot Fanfiction Time!

Whee! I'm even famous in Final Aura Burst now! *coughdon'toverdoitcough*

Well, I'm not going to post the Ryutaros icons yet. Need my brain to recharge for the next chapter of Hana in Wonderland. But here's a little something to keep you occupied...

Title: You Care For Me
Rating: N/A
Series: Kamen Rider Den-O
Character(s): Ryotaro Nogami; Momotaros
N.B.: SPOILER for episode 28! And no, this is NOT a yaoi! I only do that when I'm in the community. (P.S. Mobile Phone = Cellphone for those who don't live in the UK)
Synopsis: These were Ryotaro's friends. He would never wanted them to give them away. These were Momotaros's friends. He was deeply sad in secret, even though he acted tough in front of others.



OMG! Icon Entry #3 - Kintaros!

Zzz....uh, I mean new layout (yay! That means no more boring generic blue background!) and look! Den-O bases that you can use to customise or just stick them on to your Lj/Blog or whatever. And remember to credit on where you found it.

In other news, my latest chapter for the Den-O parody fanfiction, Hana in Wonderland is nearly complete, so for those who like to see my preview before it opens to FanFiction.net, then go ahead.

P.S. If anyone is wondering who on earth Sho Lover is, that's my other username.

OMG! Icon Entry #2 - Urataros

Fangirls/boys' favourite smooth talking Turtle Imagin icon's are here, so credit to me on where you found it.

Enjoy customising and/or just stick it to your collection or something

OMG! Icon Entry #1! Den-O - Momotaros

Oh, wow! How long have I been in this Lj forever, since I tried to post one and all I get is really bad luck? And yes, Lj hates me. Well, anyway, here's my first batch of Icons into the Lj and today's Icon Batch - Kamen Rider Den-O's very own favourite hot-headed Imagin - Momotaros! BTW, I found this sheet from that Japanese Toku fanart site's blog (I think it's Trash R or something) and I love it so much, I made some bases that you Lj people can be very creative to make one or just stick into your Lj just to show off. Well, anyway...


Icons Ahoy!

Bah, this is a long time, since I used Lj for a while, but for now on, I'm putting these icons that I've done so far on to this page, since dA are a bunch of bastards that like to ban those. However, I'm only going to put it, when I feel like it, so hold your paitent.



Chibi RyuRyo
Sho-saka the Most Useless! ^_^
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